Swimming Pool Comparision

A Above ground pool, as a cheap option, or high-quality Inground pool, like fiberglass pools or pool liners.
An overview of the main advantages and disadvantages:

Above ground Pools

Pros: the price is low, and when the kids are out of the house, you can easily get it out of the garden again. You can place the pool every year at a different place, if it is required.

Cons: the pool can not keep up with a real pool in size and look and feel. You can't jump from the garden into the pool. Pool covers to enlarge the season are not available.

Price range: very low

Pool Liners

Pros: Pool Liners professionally installed you will enjoy many years. Much personal labour, and thus a high potential for savings. The size and shape of the swimming pool is not limited.

Cons: of course personal labour means much work and a longer installation process.

Price range: lower to medium price range

Fiberglass Pools

Pros: fiberglass pools offer durability, stability and you don't have to care for anything during building, because it is built by a professional.

Cons: The shape of the pool is given - but with there are many different models available.

Price range: medium to upper price range