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Swimming Pool prices

Prior the decision of building a private pool in the garden, there is always the question of the price.
But how much is a swimming pool really?
This answer is not so simple. It depends on the material, and the technique the swimming pool is produced. And of course on the size of the pool and its amenities. Indicative prices please see below.

Above ground Pool

A private pool for the garden for little money. Is this possible?
Yes! This is no longer a problem nowadays. Above-ground pools for the garden in different sizes, in different colors and made of different materials are conveniently available in online shops, as well as in home supply stores.

Small Above-ground pools for kids are available from $ 70. In useful sizes for teenagers and adults for about $ 400 to $ 1,000.

Pool Liners

When we talk about Pool Liners, we already talk about Inground swimming pools. The pool shape is made of concrete or bricks. Thus, any shapes and sizes are possible. The swimming pool is equipped with a special swimming pool liner that is inserted and sealed by a professional. Since you can provide a lot of personal labour in building the pool, this swimming pool is usually less expensive.

Middle sized pools are about $ 8,000 incl. equipment and installation.

Fiberglass Pools

High quality Fiberglass pools offer of good values for stability, durability and resistance.
Fiberglass pools are Inground pools as well. The manufacturers offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and features.

High quality pools, medium sized are available for about $ 12,000 including equipment and installation.